About Us

Aamoda Ply and Wood is an established twenty-year-old family business supplying and manufacturing an innovative variety of block boards, flush doors, plywood, and veneers, unparalleled in strength and durability.

We are the preferred brand by prominent architects, interior designers, and homeowners with a refined taste due to the remarkable value and outstanding quality products we create, preserving our traditions and the ethos of sustainability.

Our flagship factory is at Yamunanagar, Uttar Pradesh, with a dealer network in Hyderabad and Vijaywada. In addition, we also have a dealer network in certain districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We also have sister-concern factories located in Punjab and Mangalore.

Company Profile

Aamoda is a leading Plywood manufacturer by innovation at work we are the manufacturers of Commercial Plywood, BWP plywood, Marine Plywoods, Commercial Block Boards, Marine Block Boards and Flush Doors which are manufactured with a specially formulated ISI grade MUF and PF resin respectively. We are Environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

Why Aamoda

Aamoda Ply and Wood is the ideal partner for interior furniture as our team of Quality Experts works hard to implement mandated quality checks to verify that the plywood and board products adhere to industry standards.

Our products are specially formulated to ISI grade MUF, and we bond our plywood using PF Resin for a smooth surface. The use of high-quality glue or resin will ensure strong ply bonding and durability. Furthermore, our goods are also chemically processed to prevent any pest infestation while ensuring durability and timeless elegance in the years ahead.

The wood products we provide are of the highest quality, sourced from the finest trees, including Gurjan, Oak, Teak, Mahogany, and Poplar.

All of our goods, i.e., plywood, block boards, and flush doors, are of high quality and delivered to our clients promptly at the best rates available in the market, making for an excellent all-rounded experience.

Our Vision

“To be an admired firm that offers high-quality wood-based solutions at competitive rates; while maintaining a well-organized supply chain to ensure that supply chain disruptions don't inconvenience customers.”

We are committed to the constant pursuit of a higher level of excellence in delivering service & the best quality products to the customer. At Aamoda Ply and Wood, we ensure you can appreciate the beauty and the richness of natural wood in custom sizes and finishes that are perfect for you.

Our Mission

Commitment at Aamoda Ply and Wood is not just about high-quality products at attractive charges; we wish to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers by providing the utmost customer satisfaction in our activities.

We wish to manage our forest operations sustainably by responsibly utilizing natural resources.

We want our colleagues to have rewarding careers with us wherein they can acquire knowledge, evolve, and enrichen their lives as their success equals our success.

We operate out of a desire to create a long-term, profitable business by reinvesting in new technological advancements and having a forward-thinking approach to new possibilities. We want to have a positive and meaningful impact in the communities where we operate, by procuring raw materials sustainably and ensuring that all stakeholders are in a winning position.

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