Flush Door Product

Flush Doors

A flush door is a contemporary door commonly used in homes and public buildings. Flush Doors are best suited to areas with a requirement of light and cross ventilation into the rooms. They also work the best at ensuring privacy and security in the house.

A Flush Door is built by sandwiching Plywood or Block Board over a light wooden frame. It has smooth surfaces and either cardwood or hardwood is used to fill the space between these doors. Laminates or veneers might be used for the finishing.

Flush Doors at Aamoda Ply and Wood go through a rigorous testing process per IS: 2202(1) standards before being released to the market, allowing consumers to have confidence in their durability and strength.

Our Flush Doors are resistant to all things mentioned above, in addition to being resistant to various types of scratches and stains, borer, termite, and fungus. The Flush Doors we offer are of the highest quality and three types, sourced from the choicest trees; Pine Wood, Pine Wood Mix with Hardwood, and Hardwood.